There is no planet B

Take action and go green!

About us

Who are we and what is our mission?

We are a group of Erasmus+ students trying to make the world a better place. We hope that this page will help you be more environmentally friendly.

Our future is in our hands!

Eliise, Dorina, Irene, Emiel, Gaetan, Matthieu, Sophie, Moritz

How can you help?

Tips and tricks to help the planet

Travel eco-friendly

Driving and flying are two areas where you can make a real impact with environmentally friendly practices. Choose fuel efficient travel options, travel less and try to pick more direct routes to save on fuel. If your office is near your home, try to ride a bicycle instead of a car.


Conserve water

Water needs to be conserved as lot of energy is required to pump water from rivers or lakes into your home. Conserving water reduces the amount of energy that is needed to filter it. Try to take short showers, keep the running tap close while you brush your teeth, recycle water in your home, use water saving appliances, collect rain water in a rain barrel to water your lawn.


Eat local

When you shop locally instead of buying products that were shipped from far away, you are actually supporting local dairies and farms. Apart from this, you can follow organic farming practices and can grow food on your own backyard and can sell surplus to your friends.


Eat plant-based

Eating a vegetarian diet is one of the best things you can do to stop climate change - it's also delicious and loads of fun!

Eating a veggie diet means 2.5 x less carbon emissions than a meat diet!


Little steps everyone can make

 Recycling is easy and one of the best ways to live green. 

  • Copy on both sides of the paper. 
  • Buy recycled paper. It helps reduce the number of trees needed to make paper "from scratch." 
  • Try alternative materials. Buy hemp, agri-pulp, or bamboo papers to avoid cutting down trees and save energy.

Being environmentally friendly doesn't have to be hard. By doing just a few vegan dinners every week you can decrease your carbon footprint greatly.

Click on the picture to find some delicious vegan recipes!

Buy from eco-friendly brands

Apart from eco shops and zero waste stores, you can also focus on buying from brands that care about the environment.

Some famous brand we recommend: Patagonia, The North Face, Starbucks, Lush Cosmetics and even Apple!

The planet needs us!

Erasmus+ Project 2018-2020 "There is no Planet B"


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